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You will need to discuss this with your advisor and other professors ahead of time. Methods classes in the relevant subdiscipline of anthropology will be helpful. The first step in declaring your serious interest to complete a senior honors thesis is to submit the honors interest form during the spring of your junior year. The form can be found at the end of this booklet. Quinn, by no later than 4pm on September 5th, When you register, you will be added to the waitlist for the course and, in early September, the undergraduate coordinator, Kirsten Jacobsen, will remove you from the waitlist and formally enroll you in the course.

As part of the honors course, which will meet on Fridays at a.

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During the fall semester, you are expected to meet with your advisor frequently and also to report on your progress to the honors coordinator and the students in the honors cohort during weekly meetings. In addition, you are required to hand in, in early December, an honors thesis progress report which presents either a detailed outline or in-depth description of your thesis.

Ideally you will have written a substantial portion of thesis by the end of the semester. At the end of the term, your progress will be evaluated by both your thesis advisor and the Departmental Honors Coordinator, Professor E. As a continuation of this research and coursework, honors students are also required to register for L48 in the spring, although only one of the two honors courses can count for the Anthropology major. Adjustments to the registration requirement may be considered on a case by case basis.

Class meetings incorporate workshops on how to prepare a research poster and thesis abstract, how to present a research poster, group writing sessions, and progress exercises. Your thesis advisor, in consultation with the Honors Coordinator, is responsible for assigning you letter grades for both courses. Students planning to graduate in December should contact Prof.

Quinn, as a different timeline applies. Most advisors ask for a near-final draft of the thesis in mid-February in order to read it carefully, suggest revisions, and give the student time to make necessary changes before early March, when two other committee members must receive their copies. The honors thesis is evaluated by a three-member examining committee whose members are selected by the sponsoring advisor in consultation with the student and the Honors Coordinator. This three-member committee evaluates the quality of the thesis and suggests revisions.

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A full draft of the thesis must be received by all committee members by no later than March 26, , the Monday after Spring Break. Shortly thereafter, the committee makes its recommendations to the College of Arts and Sciences on the highest level of honors to be awarded to the thesis.

Honors Thesis

While the level of Honors is contingent on GPA, the quality of the thesis is also a substantial consideration. At least one member of the committee, other than the principal thesis advisor, must be an anthropology faculty member. The third member can be from another academic department. The final, spiral-bound copy of the thesis, with all changes required by the committee, is due by Friday, April 27th, the last day of classes. For students graduating in December, please see the Honors Coordinator for time schedule.

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  6. As a rough guide, honors theses typically consist of about 60 pages of text. In consultation with a thesis advisor, each student should choose a professional stylistic format and follow standard bibliographic and citation techniques appropriate for the relevant subdiscipline. The published style guide of a lead journal such as American Anthropologist for cultural , American Antiquity for archaeology , or American Journal of Physical Anthropology for biological can provide necessary details. Over the course of the semester, students will produce a proposal that outlines the thesis topic, reviews relevant literature, and sketches the theoretical and, where appropriate, empirical approach of the proposed thesis.

    This proposal will be used to match students with potential faculty thesis advisors towards the end of the semester. This course is recommended but not required for all thesis students.

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    For students writing an honors thesis, additional support and guidance will be provided through a series of workshops led by a thesis assistant. The purpose of these workshops is to structure the calendar for thesis writers, foster collaboration among the students, and provide instruction for the methodological and research skills necessary to write a thesis. The Ole R. Holsti Prize is for excellence in undergraduate research that uses primary sources for political science or public policy.

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    Any undergraduate student who uses primary sources available through Duke University Libraries to complete a paper for a Political Science or Public Policy course, thesis or independent study can apply for the Holsti prize. The structure of your research paper will depend, in part, on the style manual that is required by your instructor.

    Different disciplines, such as history, science, or education, have different rules to abide by when it comes to research paper construction, organization, and modes of citation. The styles for different types of assignment include:. Modern Language Association MLA : The disciplines that tend to prefer the MLA style guide include literature, arts, and the humanities, such as linguistics, religion, and philosophy.

    This type of report may require the following:. Chicago style: "The Chicago Manual of Style" is used in most college-level history courses as well as professional publications that contain scholarly articles. Chicago style may call for endnotes or footnotes corresponding to a bibliography page at the back or the author-date style of in-text citation, which uses parenthetical citations and a references page at the end. Turabian style: Turabian is a student version of Chicago style.

    It requires some of the same formatting techniques as Chicago, but it includes special rules for writing college-level papers, such as book reports.

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    A Turabian research paper may call for endnotes or footnotes and a bibliography. Science style: Science instructors may require students to use a format that is similar to the structure used in publishing papers in scientific journals. The elements you would include in this sort of paper include:.

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    Parts of an AMA research paper might include:. Starting off with a bad, difficult, or narrow topic likely won't lead to a positive result. Don't choose a question or statement that's so broad that it's overwhelming and could comprise a lifetime of research or a topic that's so narrow you'll struggle to compose 10 pages.