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Is the purpose of the essay clear?

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Does the essay move from general to specific? Are there sufficient transitions between related ideas? Is the overall organization murky or clean? In other words, does the writer avoid introducing new material in the conclusion or switching subjects in the middle of a paragraph in the body? Does every paragraph address the subject matter of the thesis in some way? Content and Style Does the essay show that the writer has a knowledge of the audience?

Is the length appropriate and adequate? Has the writer used sufficient examples and detail to make his or her points clearly?

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Has the assignment been addressed? Is the tone of the essay appropriate? Has the writer avoided insulting the reader? Is the tone of the essay professional and appropriate? Is the language convincing, clear, and concise? Has the writer used fresh language and a creative approach?

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I wanted the reviewers to offer "insights and additional perspectives, which can lead to a better understanding and, ultimately, a greater sense of ownership for the writer," Hodgson and Bohning, , The social interaction encouraged by the checklist would also need to allow the free exchange of ideas and suggestions without the sense of only one right way of expressing one's self. Throughout the writing process, I emphasized the recursive nature of writing and the fact that nothing written is ever final.

I wanted my students to consider many ways of constructing meaning through their writing. Two-Peer Editing Strategy Checklist. After developing the checklist, I then had to consider the process that would emphasize the social construct of writing. I wanted my students' writing to have an audience of at least two peer reviewers and myself. This is what I had them do:. Although going through the peer review process twice was time consuming, it was time well spent. Having two peer editors also offered each student the chance for a quality review, even if one partner might be "less able.

For example, if both reviewers pointed out the same errors or suggested a different way to approach a topic, the student could be reasonably assured that they needed to heed the advice.

NYS Regents Thematic Essay Editing Checklist

Some students became sophisticated in their reviewing and, toward the end of the semester, began to delve deeper into others' writings. Candice, a struggling writer, was defending her right to choose abortion when she wrote, "I would disagree with using the word murder because it is for a good reason, which is to save the mother. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton as sources and changed her conclusion: "These cases received the decision of health officials who evaluated the status of danger. Other reviewers concentrated on mechanics, spelling, and grammar.

Reta, Candice's second reviewer, went through the essay with a fine-tipped pen. She changed phrases and verb tenses, noted spelling errors, and added punctuation that made the essay much easier to read. Candice had just the right two editors for her essay. She needed both the content developed as well as the mechanics corrected. Her essay became much better for it; in fact, this was to be her best essay for the semester.

When I first introduced my Two-Peer Editing Strategy to the class, some students were hesitant to comply.

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For some students, as Hansman and Wilson found, "asking a peer in the classroom to critique their writing was something unfamiliar. Once students found that the process was helpful to them, they readily took part. If I had tried to use the traditional response group, readers review the material in advance of the meeting, the writer reads aloud to the group and perhaps asks the group what she wants to know about her piece, and then responders take turns critiquing the work as others listen , students would have been intimidated by a group critique and certainly would not have had the skills necessary for effective review.

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Using one-on-one partnerships allowed students to become familiar with the process of critiquing. Title Page. Other comments: Peer Editor :. Writing After you have done this, you will have a peer or an adult edit your 2" draft.

Using Peer Review to Help Students Improve Their Writing The 1 Mar More specifically, participating in peer review can help students: perceive feedback from peers as relevant to the process of writing a paper for a course. Teaching the research paper.

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Research writing portfolio for upper middle and high school English! There is all kinds of research out there about the use of peer editing to improve.. Use the following checklist to Does the essay have a clearly organized middle section, with ideas separated into paragraphs?

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